A Survival Plan for Companies in Lanzarote


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The Chamber of Commerce of Lanzarote and La Graciosa proposes a necessary decompression for SMEs and the self-employed. The process is essential to ensure that as many companies as possible come to the surface in this new stage that we face, once the health crisis is over. To do this, it proposes a series of basic measures, extracted from those that have already been presented to all administrations. There are four essential points to avoid as much as possible a catastrophe derived from the disappearance of companies and with it, the loss of jobs.

Among the proposals that are proposed and starting with the most urgent, it stands out to ensure the maintenance and flexibility of the ERTEs adopted by COVID-19. It is about prolonging the exceptional measures as long as the activity is not 100% guaranteed.

The next decompression stop consists of guaranteeing the exemption from taxes and fees that are not directly linked to the business's turnover: IBI, terraces, fords, garbage, IVTM ...

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The Chamber of Commerce of Lanzarote and La Graciosa proposes a line of emergency aid to meet the fixed costs that businesses have had and must continue to face. Streamlining the arrival of liquidity is vital and will be so in the coming months. Companies are suffering a significant reduction in income due to lack of activity while they still have to face a large part of their costs.

The deferral without interest of rates, taxes and contributions linked to the company's activity, at least until next year 2021, is another of the precise stops in this decompression. It is important to avoid leveraging companies to ensure their survival and the maintenance of jobs.

Total Cases on The Canary Islands: 20:00 05/05/20

Confirmed: 2,231

Deaths: 143

Recoveries: 1,194