Approved The Third Dose for Those Over 70 years

Canary Islands

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Those over 70 years of age in Lanzarote and the rest of Spain will be able to receive a third dose of the Covid-10 vaccine from next October 25. This reinforcement injection has been approved by the Public Health Commission, dependent on the Ministry of Health, on Tuesday afternoon.

The decision of the Ministry of Health and the Autonomous Communities is that after the third inoculation of those over 70 years of age, those over 65 should continue. This preventive measure arises from the approval by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) of the use of an additional dose of the Pfizer vaccine for the elderly.

It is important to note that this vaccination will be carried out together with the flu vaccination, something that autonomies such as Andalusia or Castilla-La Mancha had claimed.

The Ministry of Health has reported through its official channels that the vaccine for this booster is M-RNA. Therefore, both Pfizer and Moderna can be inoculated. Only the Community of Madrid and Galicia have voted against the measure.

In order to be vaccinated for the third time, people will have to have inoculated the first two doses six months before this third injection.

Likewise, the Ministry has stated that the objective "is to increase the protection of the most vulnerable people" since "scientific evidence has shown that age is the main risk factor."