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On my radar: CMAT’s cultural highlights

The Irish musician on her favourite traditional pub, converting to the cult of baseball, and gigs in a western movie setCiara Mary-Alice Thompson, who performs as CMAT, was born in Dublin in 1996 and grew up in nearby Dunboyne. She formed a band at 18 but quit after three years and later reinvented...

Articles / Culture - 1 day ago

George the Poet: ‘Poetry is the artistic wing of politics’

He performed at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding and was offered an MBE before he turned 30 – but the writer is ready to head in a more radical directionWho is George the Poet? A few years ago, the answer to that question would have been straightforward – he’s a beloved Cambridge-educated Ug...

Articles / Culture - 1 day ago

Where do we draw the line on using AI in TV and film?

Recent controversies, including Civil War posters and altered photos in a Netflix documentary, have led to concern over the growing use of artificial intelligence on screenThough last year’s writers’ and actors’ strikes in Hollywood were about myriad factors, fair compensation and residual payments...