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Articles / Culture - 4 days ago

Martin Scorsese in lockdown: an auteur's eye view of house arrest

The 77-year-old director’s thoughtful movie dispatch from his New York study for Mary Beard’s TV culture show is an affecting treat, and an honest reflection on ageingMartin Scorsese’s Zoom call to the world is a marvellous coup for Mary Beard’s BBC Lockdown Culture special: a personal short film sh...

Spain / Mainland - 4 days ago

Motril Declared A Safe Port

The Central Government announced yesterday evening that Motril is not included amongst the other Safe Ports, thus avoiding a looming catastrophy.

Articles / Culture - 4 days ago

A comic for Covid-19: the tale of a plague-hit Derbyshire village

Nick Burton’s Our Plague Year draws eerie parallels between Eyam in 1665-66 and today – complete with self-sacrifice, selfish second-homers and confusing public messages‘Know what’s been bothering me since the lockdown? Nobody trusts nobody no more,” says a long-haired young man, building a wall (or...

Crosswords / Guardian Crossword - 4 days ago

Azed slip No 2,500

1& G. H. Willett (Wimbledon, London): The uncanny faculty, the number and range staggering – what makes you better and better? What’s the catch? (ESP + anag. incl. n). Continue reading...