Blame It On The Boogie!

Canary Islands

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Canarias closes nightlife in full and restricts visits and outings in senior centres

The Government limits the hours of the hospitality until 1 a.m., obliges mass events to have prior authorization and limits visits to residences.

The extraordinary Governing Council held this Thursday, August 20th, has adopted, at the request of the Ministry of Health, a series of new measures with the aim of containing the outbreaks related to the COVID-19 pandemic and completely transposing the agreement taken by the Ministry of Health and the autonomous communities within the Interterritorial Health Council on August 14th

It should be remembered that the Canary Islands had already anticipated this normative request for the whole country with measures related to the closure of nightlife, the mandatory use of masks or the prohibition of smoking in public spaces if the safety distance is not maintained ( two metres).

In addition, other measures have been added in the Council, since the absolute closure of nightlife both outdoors and indoors has been approved. This will affect nightclubs, terraces, dance halls and cocktail bars, with or without live musical performances.

To this agreement, another is added: the setting of the closing time of the hotel, bar, cafeteria and restaurant establishments at 1.00, not being able to receive new customers from 00.00..

Senior centres

Given that the elderly and people with previous pathologies continue to be the most vulnerable group to the COVID-19 disease, social health centres must be specially protected. Therefore, the exit to residents will be limited as much as possible and visits to them will be limited too.

Mass events

Regarding mass events and activities, their performance will require a risk assessment by the health authority in accordance with the provisions of the document Recommendations for mass events and activities in the context of the new normality due to COVID-19 in Spain, agreed in the Public Health Commission of the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System. Based on this evaluation, each event of these characteristics must have the authorization of the autonomous community.

The Ministry of Health has also recalled that the recommended hygienic measures must be maintained both in public and private areas. These are: personal safety distance, continuous hand washing and mandatory use of a mask.