British Top of the Charts for Tourism on Lanzarote


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Lanzarote continues to get closer to the tourist reception data it had before the start of the pandemic , since last February the island received a total of 203,781 tourists. This data represents only 5% less than in the same month of 2020, before the start of the pandemic , when a total of 215,054 landed on the Island.

Compared to 2019, the difference is greater, since in February of that year a total of 272,428 tourists arrived on the Island, 25% more than this year.

Of all the tourists who arrived on the Island in the month of February, 185,120 were foreigners (84%), while the remaining 18,661 were residents of the national territory.

The number of tourist arrivals on the island is the third largest after the pandemic was decreed in March 2020, only behind October 2021 and November of the same year, when 215,646 and 205,010 landed at the César Manrique airport in Lanzarote. respectively.

The United Kingdom is the main source country of tourists to Lanzarote, with a total of 88,569 last month , or what is the same, 47.8% of all foreign tourists . The number of Britons is close to that registered in February 2020, when 93,051 arrived on the island, while in 2019 a total of 117,301 Britons visited us.

After the British are German tourists (15% of foreigners), with an influx of 27,569 in February. In third place in the ranking of issuing countries is France, with 15,843, followed closely by the Netherlands, with 14,806. The Nordic countries generated a total of 9,962 tourists in the month of February.