Bus Not Respecting the Level 3 Rules for Covid


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A citizen has informed La Voz and denounced that there are buses that are "completely full" without respecting the capacity established by level 3 of health alert, which must be a maximum of 50% in transport public.

Specifically, this man has sent some images that he claims that he recorded at about 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday on a bus that made the Arrecife-Puerto del Carmen route, in which all the seats are practically occupied. In addition, he assures that the bus was completely full, with even "people standing up".

After that, this the man complained to the bus driver who said that "it was only today, and that it was not going to happen anymore. "I was amazed," says this man, who points out that the only thing the driver did "after a while" was "not pick up more people."