BuzzFm Back on January 1st 2020

Canary Islands

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BuzzFm is back on January 1st. Fresh, rebuilt and ready for 2020.

Our distictive mix of sunshine feelgood music and information which became part of Island culture, is here again. All your favourites and more in the new line up.

BuzzFm is broadcasting on the internet through the Amazon network - 'Alexa play Buzz Canary Islands', Tunein search 'BuzzFm Canary Islands' and our own website ''. We are giving away Amazon Echo Dots to celebrate our launch.

BuzzFm, based in Lanzarote since 2003 is part of the original company Buzz Enterprises SL, so I think we know how it works out here!

Why not on FM? We believe the future of radio is through the internet with smart speakers and car radios, just like Netflix has become the No1. movie channel. We can also focus on tourists returning back home and taking the BuzzFm sunshine sound back with them, creating a loyalty with the islands, so they will come and see us again.

Check us out at, Facebook BuzzFm Canary island and Twitter #buzzfmtweets and get your Amazon Echo for radio listening from Amazon online, Electron, Worten or enter the competition and catch the Buzz in 2020.

BuzzFm is testing at the moment, so catch the wave and a few bumpy moments as we setup.