Canarian Schools Start Classes with 25,080 Fewer School Children than 2011

Canary Islands

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The constant fall in the birth rate in the Canary Islands in the last decade has been transferred to the classroom, with a significant decrease in the number of students enrolled in the first two educational stages. The public schools of the islands will start classes on Thursday with 114,558 schoolchildren -34,057 in Infant and -80,501 in Primary -, 4,177 less than the previous year, which represents a fall of 3.5%. The difference increases to 25,080 students if the 2011-12 academic year is taken as a reference, with a percentage drop of 17.9%.

According to data from the Ministry of Education of the Canarian Government, provisional in the absence of the incorporations of September, the set of public non-university education in the Canary Islands will begin this course with 246,572 students, 5,905 less than the previous year, but the decrease in Enrollment is concentrated in Primary, with a loss of 2,820 schoolchildren - 3.38% - and Infant, with 1,357 fewer boys and girls, which represents a fall of 3.8%. Compared to ten years ago, schools have lost 24.19% of their pre-school students, accounting for 10,872 less this year than in 2011, and 15% in Primary, with a decrease of 14,280 enrollments.

In addition to the constant drop in the birth rate - 28.2% fewer babies were born in the archipelago in 2020 than in 2010 - another factor that may influence the decline in enrollment, although less, is the probable departure of families from other countries. places of origin of the islands due to the economic crisis derived from the covid.