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by Buzzers - 2 days ago

Poorly Paid Mayors?

The Mayor of Granada earns (receives) 66,300 euros per annum, which is equivalent to 4,735 euros (gross) but times that by 14 not 12, don't forget.

by Buzzers - 2 days ago

Rain Drain Cleaning

The water, utility company, Aguas y Servicios is in the midst of clearing out rain drains on the Costa Tropical in preparation for the coming rains.

by Buzzers - 3 days ago

Sunday Hike: Jerez del Marquesado

We previous published information on the three walks planned by Almuñécar Town Hall for October to December - one a month, but the first one is upon us.

by Buzzers - 3 days ago

Trevélez Autumn Fair

Did you miss the autumn fair in Pampaneira last weekend? Never mind if you did, you've got a second chance at an Alpuarra autumn fair: Trevélez is holding theirs.

by Buzzers - 3 days ago

No Damned Money for the Dam

The Almuñécar branch for Convergencia Andaluza has expressed bitter criticism over the lack of fundings for Rules Dam in the 2022 National Budget.

by Buzzers - 4 days ago

Crack Down on Noisey Mopeds

The Policía Local in Motril have been pulling over young scooter riders and inspecting their vehicles on the spot to see if all is in order.

by Buzzers - 4 days ago

Teka Spirit Hold Up

According to Infocostatropical, three individuals wearing surgical masks held up a souvenir & gift shop on the Paseo Puerta del Mar in Almuñécar yesterday afternoon.

by Buzzers - 4 days ago

Cat on a Tight Rope

Actually, it wasn't a tight rope but electricity cables and it had spent four days up there, looking down on the curious locals of Dúrcal.

by Buzzers - 5 days ago

Double-Accounting Crack Down

Lower House of Parliament (Congress) has approved a new law drawn up to counter tax fraud, which will affect, above all autónomos.

by Buzzers - 1 year ago

Spain is Losing Control of the Pandemic in Just One Month

"That we are talking about outbreaks and not community transmission implies that we are fine." The director of the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies (CCAES), Fernando Simón, said this on June 25th. 25 days later, The Health Dep...

by Buzzers - 1 year ago

300,000 People Are Confined Again

Health authorities are striving for early detection to prevent a second wave of Covid-19 infections. The confinement is over but it could return, and with worse consequences are for sure, should the outbreaks due to the coronavirus spread, to the...