Coronavirus Unlock - Phase 0 Now Live, Phase 1 on 11th May

Canary Islands

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The president of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, has said that he is confident that on May 11th all the islands can be in phase 1 of the de-escalation plan, although he does not rule out that this date may be brought forward.

This was stated at a press conference after intervening in the telematic meeting with the presidents and regional presidents called by Pedro Sánchez, the eighth that has been held since the state of alarm began.

Ángel Víctor Torres has indicated that within seven days the other five islands are in phase 1 and has stated that at this moment that the possibility "is real".

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Furthermore, the President has assured that there may be some advance, but he has not dared to announce it; In any case, he said that "hopefully" all the islands can be in phase 1 on the 11th.

The president also said that the Ministry of Health is going to activate health and safety mechanisms in the three islands that will be entering phase 1 and has held meetings with the presidents of the councils of La Gomera, Lanzarote and El Hierro to coordinate said performance.

He saidvthe same will be done with the presidents of the cabildos of the other islands and the same mechanisms will be arbitrated so that phase 1 is "a success" with the will and the objective that on the 11th all the islands will be in the second de-escalation phase.

Regarding the co-governance procedure for de-escalation announced by Sánchez, Torres has considered it necessary to work in co-ordination with the central Government , both with the Ministry of Health and with the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

Total Cases on The Canary Islands: 20:00 03/05/20

Confirmed: 2,225

Deaths: 141

Recoveries: 1,166