First Cardiac Transplant in The Canary Islands

Gran Canaria

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Dr. Negrín Hospital carried out the heart transplant for a 63-year-old man on Wednesday using a healthy and compatible organ from a local donor. The operation at the hospital lasted 4 hours.

Dr. Negrín will be in the history books of Gran Canaria as the day they performed the first heart transplant, which is the first transplant to be performed in the Canary Islands. At 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday the team of the Cardiac Transplant Unit at the hospital scheduled the operation as a healthy organ donated a few hours before was compatible with a recipient who was pending and prepared for the operation, which started at approximately 10 pm and lasted for four hours.

A 63-year-old man with advanced heart failure is the first person in the archipelago who has received a heart from a donor residing in the islands. This transplant is a "milestone" for the community of the Canary Islands, which makes "history" after 30 years referring patients to hospitals in the peninsula to be transplanted , several sources in the health field agreed, but they also called for "prudence and caution" because it is an "aggressive and delicate operation and assessments cannot be made until after the first 48 hours."