Fuerteventura’s Heritage Is Neglected, Says Cabildo


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Fuerteventura needs to make more of its cultural heritage but there are parts of the island which are falling to bits, it has been claimed.

The Cabildo’s culture councillor Andrés Briansó said the new government team had to make this issue a priority as tourists were being denied the chance to see this side of the island’s charms.

“Fuerteventura has a great cultural and heritage wealth that deserves maximum defence and dissemination and of which we can be very proud,”he says. “However, we have unprotected environments, infrastructure in poor condition and a long list of problems that they do not allow the population to access our heritage and value it, so we are laying the groundwork to reverse this situation. ”
The Cabildo has announced a number of plans, including restructuring of the museum network and the promotion of archaeological and heritage research of the island, among other measures.

The Casa Alta de Tindaya will also be closed for a temporary period so it can be transformed into an interpretation centre to make the most of the natural monument.
“We are aware of being faced with a complicated challenge, due to the abandonment and neglect of recent years in relation to these interpretation centres but the protection and dissemination of cultural heritage is a priority in the new group of government,” he pledged.