Government Approves an Underpass in Playa Honda for 3.2 million


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The Minister of Public Works, Transport and Housing of the Government of the Canary Islands, Sebastián Franquis, has signed this Wednesday the final approval of the construction project of the new underpass under the LZ-2 to improve connectivity between the town of Playa Honda and the area industrial and commercial located on the other side of the highway . "This is a project that seeks to alleviate the current Playa Honda link by creating a new one in parallel, an action that has been promoted by the Cabildo de Lanzarote and that has been assumed by the Ministry," they explain from the regional Executive.

"After the approval, the process is launched to put these works out to tender in the coming months, which will require an investment of 3,290,613 euros that will be paid for by the regional government," they add.

The project, drawn up by the Cabildo and updated and adapted by the technical services of the Regional Council, contemplates the creation of a transverse axis under the LZ-2 that serves as communication between Playa Honda and the Industrial zone. It is about creating another underpass parallel to the current one, but in this case with a design that facilitates both pedestrian and road traffic, favoring pedestrian and cyclist communication.

With this action, according to the project, " the current access roundabouts to Playa Honda will be freed from a minimum of 9,000 vehicles a day , a traffic density that generates retentions at specific times that also affect the LZ-2". In addition, with the design of the new underpass they hope to "encourage pedestrian circulation, through this new axis, from Calle Mayor to the shopping area, regenerating spaces that today are collapsed with vehicles that make a physical and visual barrier for the pedestrian".

"The works, which will go out to tender in the coming months, aim to execute a new underpass that will allow the creation of an urban space characteristic of more residential areas with sufficient width for the coexistence of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers by implementing a pedestrian sidewalk of 5.50 metres, a segregated bike lane of 3.50 metres, a plant strip of 1.90 meters, and a circulation lane of 5.50 metres".

A safe underpass will be generated, provided with natural lighting through skylights on the roof that will allow both the interior air to be regenerated, as well as to provide light and provide greater comfort to the space", they specify, adding that "the vegetation will separate road traffic from pedestrian and cyclist traffic, thus differentiating each traffic lane and providing greater safety along its route", creating "a space for urban coexistence, comfortable, safe and easy to navigate, which will eliminate the physical barrier that currently exists between the area of a mainly commercial character and the urban nucleus of Playa Honda".