Government Approves to Extend The ERTE Until January 31st

Canary Islands

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Those affected will keep 70% of the salary

"If there is an autonomous community that needed this pact, it is the Canary Islands, because 60% of the workers under ERTE belong to the hotel trade and commerce," says the Canarian president.

"It is the best example of what Spain and the Canary Islands need at the moment. " "What has been achieved today is to be welcomed because it gives a key peace of mind in the coming months, both to employers and workers", Torres stressed, who returned to request, in the regional Parliament, maximum political unity and move away from the speeches of no system in the face of any proposal, plan or agreement conceived to face the consequences of the socio-economic crisis caused by COVID-19.

In his opinion, it is "a crucial pact" so that there is no reduction in the income of the workers in ERTE, who will continue to receive 70% of the regulatory base as a benefit, and not the 50% that had been planned, this extension of the ERTE until next January includes tourism and activities related to it