Health Keeps the Monument to the Peasant Open


by Buzzers 365 Views comments

The Health Department of Lanzarote has confirmed that the restaurant of the Monumento al Campesino continues to be open to the public stating that, after carrying out an inspection, it was found that there was "no risk to health".

This was stated on Radio Lanzarote - Onda Cero by the director of the Lanzarote Health area, Noelia Umpiérrez. In addition, she has explained that those affected by food poisoning have increased to 39, three more than those reported by Health last Monday , of the 222 diners who were at a meal at the Monument to the Capesino. From the Ministry they point out that all those who have suffered from this poisoning have presented "mild symptoms" , such as gastroenteritis or some colic, which in no case have required hospital admission.

All the procedures are correct and are working well ," says Umpiérrez, who also adds that when there is a closure of an establishment it is usually "for cleaning reasons", or due to the existence "of some problem", which in this case, according to Health, does not exist.

The director of the Health area explained the procedure carried out by the Ministry of Health: "He went to the establishment and carried out a general inspection, the food was immobilized and samples were taken for later analysis in an accredited laboratory of Gran Canaria ”. In addition, from Health they have also carried out analyzes of the feces of the food handlers of the restaurant, to try to find out the origin of the problem, in case it could start from a worker. However, Umpiérrez affirms that "there is no one affected", among the squad.

While awaiting the results, the director of the Area affirms that at the moment they have no clear conclusion as to what has caused this poisoning, and points out that these final results of the analysis carried out will not be known until next week. In addition, Umpiérrez predicts that the number of affected will not increase and will remain at 39, since a week has passed since the meal where the problem originated .