Ibiza and Magaluf Crack Down with New Booze Laws


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Party-goers and bars in three of Spain's top tourist hotspots could face fines of up to £510,000 after authorities introduced new laws to crack down on binge-drinking.

The Balearic Islands' officials say it is the first law of its kind in Europe and will outlaw organising and promoting pub crawls and open bars and happy hours. Holidaymakers will also be banned from jumping from hotel balconies into swimming pools - popularly known as "balconing". The craze has led to a number of injuries and several deaths. Those caught taking part will be kicked out of their hotel and face large fines expected to range from €6,000 (£5,100) to €600,000 (£510,000).

The measures will apply to a long stretch of Mallorca's capital, from Palma Beach to the S'Arenal area, as well as Magaluf and the West End area of Ibiza. They will be enforced for at least five years.

Mallorca and Ibiza are two of Europe's most popular tourist destinations, and its nightclub-filled beachfront promenades are particularly popular with young people from Britain, Ireland and Germany.The regional government said the law is aimed at improving the quality of tourism on the islands and the well being of both tourists and residents.

The regulation bans alcohol-selling machines, and shops selling alcohol must close between 8.30 pm and 7 am. It also freezes new licenses for so-called party boats and forbids them from taking on or offloading revellers in the three areas.