Lanzarote Losing 6,000 Passengers a Week Due to Lack of Connectivity


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The president of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Lanzarote, Francisco Martínez, warned that the lack of connectivity is greatly damaging Lanzarote as a tourist destination.

“The figures we have for this winter indicate that we are losing 6,000 passengers a week. Many of Ryanair, but between Thomas Cook and other cuts, the figure is very high.

"The prices have risen you just have to enter any online operator to check it, compared with last year's prices” he says. "Iberia, for example, has a banner on its page that shows that flights to Tokyo, round trip, are cheaper than flights to Lanzarote."

Lanzarote had a good capacity in 2019, but everything that glitters is not gold.

“Lanzarote is the only island that has not gone down so far, but we must not be over confident following the collapse of Thomas Cook and it has been necessary to increase many prices as the profitability has not been fantastic for the airlines.