Luxury Villas are Breaking Booking Records


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With tourism in full recovery, reservations for luxury holiday homes have skyrocketed in 2022 on Lanzarote. "This year we have not only reached pre-pandemic figures, we are breaking records ," explains Carla Van Heel, founder and general manager of one of the companies specialised in this sector on the island.

In her case, she has 30 villas in the main tourist areas of the island, with prices that can reach up to 700 euros per night, and she already has practically all of them reserved for the rest of the year.

"We have noticed that the quality of the client has increased a lot, since the most luxurious villas have been the first to be rented, both during the pandemic period and now," explains the founder of BuenaVilla.

Like this one, many other companies have sprung up in Lanzarote in recent years, to attract customers looking for "something special", offering things like privacy, swimming pools with good views and even welcome packs.

As for the customer profile, it has been changing depending on the restrictions, since in 2020 they began to be mainly local, but as the months went by and mobility limitations were lifted, they became national and international.

"A year ago, the majority of clients were Spanish, but now they only account for between 20 and 25% of the total”, explains Carla Van Heel. “ The majority are foreigners, mainly British since they opened borders, although we work with many nationalities”.


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