More Than 1,000 Properties Affected by the Volcano

Canary Islands

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The eruption of the volcano on La Palma continues to increase day by day and the damage caused since last September 19th, when the process began in the Cabeza de Vaca area has now affected 1,005 buildings, of which 870 are completely destroyed and 135 seriously damaged, according to the latest data update made by the Copernicus system. To this damage must be added 30.2 kilometers of roads, tracks and asphalt roads destroyed by the lava.

The lava flows have already covered an area of 705 hectares of land on their way to the sea and it has an area of 5.7 kilometers with a width that varies from 1,105 meters in its widest part to 191 meters just before reaching the sea.

The strip created after reaching the sea, it already covers an area of 20 hectares with a width of 530 meters and a length of 430 meters.