More Than 87,000 "Remote Workers" Expected in 2023

Canary Islands

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The number of remote workers arriving in the Canary Islands in 2021 has been 3,852 monthly , with a cumulative figure of 46,224. The forecasts show that 87,480 annual remote workers will choose the Canary Islands in 2023, which would mean a 90% growth in this tourism segment compared to 2021.

Canary Islands Tourism has increased the budget to attract 'remote workers' or teleworkers to the Canary Islands to reach 600,000 euros in 2022.

Nomad List a public company invests 2 million euros in consolidating the arrival of three long-stay tourism segments: 'remote workers', 'silver plus' and professional sports tourism , exceeding the 500,000 euros earmarked for each one during the previous year.

"We have more than met our expectations, as we intended to attract 30,000 teleworkers in five years, a figure that we have managed to exceed in just one year," says the Minister of Tourism, Yaiza Castilla. "Undoubtedly, it is a milestone that favours our destination, since we are talking about a niche segment that benefits us due to its long stay and for generating a higher and better distributed tourist turnover ," adds the minister.

The new fibre network now on the islands with fast connectivity to the internet have made this all possible