Passenger with Coronavirus Arrives at Lanzarote Airport


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The Civil Guard arrived at Lanzarote airport after receiving information that a passenger who had tested positive for Covid-19 was flying to the island. The man appears to be a resident of the island but had travelled to the Peninsula to attend his mother's funeral in Ciudad Real.

It was while he was in the Peninsula when he was tested for coronavirus because he had been in contact with a possible source of contagion, and the results were positive, but health sources say that he did not know it when he got on the plane. The Civil Guard pointed out that he would have been told that he should keep confinement and that he failed to comply with this measure by taking the plane without waiting for the test result, so they have opened proceedings against him.

In addition to the Civil Guard, personnel from the Canarian Health Service, the Security and Emergency Consortium and the Red Cross have also come to the airport, both to isolate the affected person and his companions and to inform other passengers. In total, about 140 people were flying on this plane from Madrid.

As reported by the management of Lanzarote Health Services, all passengers must now quarantine, without leaving their homes for 14 days. In addition, it is planned to perform PCR tests within seven days, which is the time it could take for the disease to develop if there had been any contagion.

Vehicles of the Red Cross, Emerlan and Civil Protection are being used to transport passengers, in addition, a second passenger had a temperature of 38 degrees and has been transferred by ambulance to his home, to remain in isolation until the tests are carried out.

As they have pointed out to La Voz from the Security and Emergencies Consortium, all passengers have been offered to stay in one of the hotels that had been made available to the Cabildo during this health emergency, specifically the Lanzarote Palm, located in Puerto del Carmen.

About 50 would be those have accepted this option, especially in cases where they live with other people, while the rest have promised to keep the 14-day quarantine established in the protocol at their homes.

All of them have been provided with the transfer to their homes, to avoid using public transport or the taxi service. For this, in addition to the Red Cross troops who had travelled to the airport since the alarm was activated, Civil Protection volunteers have also been mobilised. The first to arrive have been those of San Bartolomé, although it was expected that those from other municipalities would also join. In addition, later Emerlan troops have also come to expedite the transfer, since each vehicle must undergo a disinfection process after each trip.

Regarding those who had family or friends waiting for them at the airport, they have moved in private vehicles. However, Civil Guard agents and Consortium officers had previously informed the people waiting for the flight, indicating that they should always wear the masks, including in the car during the transfer and keep the safety distances.

In total, about 140 passengers were travelling on this flight from Madrid, of which close to 90% have been transferred in medical and emergency vehicles. All of them will now undergo PCR tests, but it will take a week, since this is the minimum time it takes for the disease to develop in the event of any possible contagion.

When the health authorities came to notify him that he had tested positive, they found out that he had gone to the airport and gave notice of the situation. Thus, when the plane landed, they were already waiting for members of the Canarian Health Service, the Consortium for Safety and Emergencies and the Civil Guard, which has opened proceedings against this person for breaching the confinement that he had to keep as it was a suspicious case, and for taking a flight without waiting for the result of the test they had carried out. The man has been transferred by ambulance from the airport runway to the Molina Orosa Hospital.

Total Cases on The Canary Islands: 20:00 29/05/20

Confirmed: 2,344

Deaths: 160

Recoveries: 1,967