Playa Honda Soundproofing For Homes Starts


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The San Bartolomé City Council, led by Isidro Pérez, reports that 260 applications are already being processed for the soundproofing of homes affected by acoustic easements in the town of Playa Honda. Specifically, the process of 210 applications have already been completed.

During the first quarter of this year 2022, the Consistory sent a communication to start processing the applications, reminding the neighbourhood that the City Council will provide them with all the help they need to process the applications. In addition, the City Council continues to work to ensure that this right is extended to more local homes, which is why it urges all those neighbors who understand that their house is part of the range of affected homes to approach the enabled office in the municipal offices of Playa Honda, regardless of whether or not the communication letter has arrived.

The mayor, Isidro Pérez, stressed that "the San Bartolomé City Council has continued to work so that AENA includes some 1,000 more homes". Thanks to the struggle and repeated allegations made by the San Bartolomé City Council, some 600 homes in Matagorda and Argana Alta also benefit from this plan.

It must be remembered that AENA undertook to carry out real measurements in 2022 that contemplate a much wider range than initially proposed, which will reflect the real number of homes affected by acoustic easements at the César Manrique airport, defended by the City Council in numerous allegations and meetings .