Police Detain Three People For a Robbery in Tías and in Costa Teguise


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One of the robberies took place at dawn in a food place, and the other by a hotel pool.

A tourist of foreign nationality, told police agents that they had left a bag by the pool hammocks, there were several rings and a clock inside, when he returned to his room he realized that they had been taken. The police gained knowledge from the Arrecife police of similar crimes carried out by a 55 year old man and a woman both from Arrecife, the goods were found in their possession and the couple were arrested.

The Tias police arrested another man known as YC during the early morning of the 15th, inside a food store on Marte Street. A 44 year old man with numerous police records, was the alleged perpetrator of the robbery with force. When the police arrived at the store they noticed two fractured side windows and the presence of YC inside.