Residents of Costa Teguise Denounce The "Huge" Water Leak


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The residents of Costa Teguise denounce the "huge" water leak that "has been pouring tons of water for hours" since early Tuesday morning in Costa Teguise, in the area of the golf course.. "We do not understand that the company is constantly making water cuts, while such serious losses are not fixed quickly", citizens complain.

The loss is located in the area that goes from the golf course urbanization to the area of the public school in Costa Teguise, the citizens have specified. "There are always water cuts and we fear that we have to live daily with the loss of tons," they make clear.

"We have called Canal Gestión but no one answers us, so we have decided to make a public complaint," they add. "We hope that the fault will be fixed as soon as possible,". "Let's see if by making the loss of water public, they are ashamed and act once and for all,"

"We find it incredible that leaks seem to hurt us more than the company that has to provide service and the responsible politicians," they conclude angrily.