The Canary Islands Fear "Bankruptcy" Due to the Tourist Closure

Canary Islands

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The Canary Islands Government insists on the need to "advance" the opening of the sector as much as possible, although it warns that a "certain normality" will not be recovered until October.

While the tourism sector is closed, the public coffers stop receiving almost 7 million euros a day, a situation that as it continues leads the Archipelago to regional bankruptcy . " That is the estimate made by the Canarian Government, which this Wednesday has insisted on the need to “advance” the reopening of the islands as much as possible, where the sector represents 35% of GDP and 40% of employment.

"There is no other similar productive source that ensures the sustainability of our current living conditions in the short and medium term, so it is vital for the Islands the urgent recovery of the tourism sector," said the Minister of Tourism, Yaiza Castilla. For this reason, it has insisted on defending the plan in which they continue working to turn the Canary Islands “into a laboratory for redesigning processes for the entire value chain of tourism activity, creating and verifying protocols for each service and minimizing any risk with health security”.

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The Canary Islands Tourism Ministry has indicated that for June it plans to "resume part of its activity in each island area in isolation and start the inter-regional movement gradually". For this, it demands that "surveillance on the borders must be strict and rigorous, since we cannot risk another outbreak and start a new quarantine from scratch that would end up sinking us economically and in the long term."

For the following months of July, August and September , the Canarian Government estimates that "the development of an inter-island tourist activity would be possible, and in the best scenario, the possible arrival of foreign tourism (national and foreign) under the assumption of control of the epidemic at its source or with the means to test and trace travellers. " However, on this point there is still maximum uncertainty, given that no estimated time has yet been given to reopen air traffic, which should also be done in agreement with other countries.

Thus, in a scenario in which there could be only inland tourism during the summer, the Executive already anticipated that "this volume " would not allow an opening of the total of establishments and only on their part". And those who do so, "must be prepared to offer health guarantees", warn the Ministry.

Likewise, he assures that “the forecasts with which we are working indicate that in October there will be a European control of the epidemic and a significant improvement in the accessibility of the contagion and / or antibody verification test, so, based on that date, it would be possible to enter a stage of certain 'normality' for the start of the winter season gradually ”.

Source: Canary Islands Tourism Ministry - La Voz

Total Cases on The Canary Islands: 20:00 29/04/20

Confirmed: 2,205

Deaths: 135

Recoveries: 1,131