We Are Not Here For Carnivals!


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Those are the words of Jesús Machín the mayor of Tinajo.

"I criticize those who do not help, and if the ones who do not help are from the Canary Coalition, then I criticize them, that is clear." After learning that the Arrecife City Council has asked the Health Dept to remove the covid restrictions from the Fairgrounds in order to celebrate the Carnivals .

Machín has been "amazed" with this decision, making it clear that he "doesn't care" that his party is part of the government group, where he also manages the area of Celebrations. “I don't think my fellow CC members are supportive, I don't think they have enough capacity to understand that there is nothing more important in life than people's health” , he added, sending a message to the nationalist mayors.

“We are not for carnivals right now. We are talking about people and providing solutions to problems”, highlighted Jesús Machín, who considers that political acronyms must be left aside in the management of this crisis. He has even underlined that the mayor of Tías, the socialist José Juan Cruz, called him to see how they faced the Carnivals. "We help each other among colleagues, and I criticize those who do not help," he added.

“In Lanzarote we have been an example”, he defended, referring to the operation of the consortium that was set up between the Cabildo and the seven city councils since the start of the pandemic, when coordinated decisions were adopted.