What A Difference a Day Makes!


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This Wednesday, finally, many workers and clients in Lanzarote have been able to see their faces and smiles, although in a rather timid way, with the entry into force of the rule that puts an end to indoor masks.

After 700 days of mandatory use since the start of the state of alarm in 2020, masks are no longer mandatory in most spaces , and should only be kept in social health centres, on all types of transport and in hospitals. However, there are still many people from Lanzarote who are reluctant to abandon them.

In the case of companies , many have decided to leave the decision to use a face mask or not at the choice of their workers , although in general, the majority follow the recommendation to use it.

La Voz has been finding out: "In my place the mask is not mandatory, there are two workers who do wear it, but the rest of us have decided to free ourselves from it, and I think that little by little everyone will put it aside," says Carlos, owner of the cafeteria The Cutie.

“I am not required to wear a mask while I work, but I prefer to use it for safety reasons,” adds a clerk at a shoe store in Arrecife. "There are no longer casualties due to covid, or quarantines, people can go to work even if they are infected, so I prefer to keep it, at least for now . "

In a bank in the capital they find themselves in the same situation. "We can use it optionally, but most of us keep it out of respect for the client, since we are in contact with a large influx of people on a daily basis and very poor ventilation, we do not have windows," says the director, although in other banks we do have employees have been instructed to continue using it.

Other businesses have also decided to leave the mandatory mask for all their workers, as is the case of the Spar supermarket and a hairdresser in Arrecife. "We don't know how long we are going to have to use it, but I suppose that the board will be analyzing the BOE, which came out today, to find out more details and I suppose it will be reviewed," says the Spar manager.